Mission and Vision

The College of Economic and Social Development (CESD) of Nankai University, founded in 1998, is an important contribution by Nankai University towards meeting the need for higher education in China’s development. Since its foundation, CESD has been actively promoting innovation in Applied Economics, facilitating social services, and enhancing high-level international exchange and cooperation.

The College has been authorized to grant doctorates and research master’s degrees in three subjects: Regional Economics, Industrial Economics and Logistics, which are integral parts of Nankai University’s Economics discipline. It also offers a professional master’s degree program in Logistics Engineering. In addition, it has established two post-doctoral research centers in Applied Economics and Management Science and Engineering. By 2022, the College had enrolled 50 full-time doctoral candidates,100 full-time postgraduates and 1,200 in-service postgraduates participating in the  Joint Sino-Foreign Cooperative School (JSFCS) programs each year..

The College currently has 18 full-time faculty members. Together, they have completed more than 100 key research projects funded by the National Social Science Funds of China (NSSFC), National Natural Science Funds of China (NNSFC), and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Our faculty have completed more than 300 consultancy projects in cooperation with government and well-known enterprises. They have achieved important research awards for their work.  The combination of research excellence and practical experience offered by our faculty members providesa solid foundation for students seeking professional education in Economics.

CESD looks to continue promoting the professional development, scientific research and social services.