Academic Area

In 1998, in order to carry forward the patriotic tradition of "knowing China and serving China", Nankai University decided to establish the Institute of Economic and Social Development in order to break the discipline barrier, integrate high-quality discipline resources, launch high-level achievements, and make Nankai's due contribution to better serve the national economic and social development strategy.

Regional Economics

Subject Status

· The only national-level philosophy and social science innovation base in discipline of regional economics among universities in Project 985.

· Among the first three universities setting national key disciplines of regional economics

· Vice president unit of the Chinese Association for Regional Economics

· The initiating and secretary-general unit of the University Think Tanks Union for major national strategies of regional development

· An essential part of national first-class discipline of applied economics  

· Regional Economy Application Laboratory serves as an important support for the first key laboratories of social science listed by the Ministry of Education

Subject Direction

·  Regional Economic Theory and Methodology: Research on classic and cutting-edge theories of regional economics, theorization of major phenomena in regional economy, history of regional economy, as well as analysis techniques and methods of regional economy, etc.

·  Development and policy of regional economy:Research on development strategies of regional economy, regional economic growth, theories and methods of regional economic policy, regional innovation network, digital economy and regional economic development, etc.

·  Regional industries analysis:Research on regional industrial structure, regional industrial selection, regional industrial organization, regional industrial planning, etc.

·  Theories and application of spatial economics:Research on spatial economic theories, methods of spatial econometric analysis, application of big data and GIS, economic geography, etc.

·  Urban economy and management:Research on land economy and real estate, urban economic theory and development, urban management, etc.

Industrial economics

Subject Status

· National key discipline

· Leading position in research of industrial efficiency

· Affiliated unit of Industrial Development Committee of Chinese Industrial Economic Association

· Operating as an important part of the national first-class discipline of applied economics

Subject Direction

· Digital economy and high-quality industrial development:research on law of digital industry operation; digital economy and transformation and upgrading of traditional industry; low-carbon and green development of digital economy and industries.

· Transformation of industrial organization under digital economy:market structure in digital era; enterprise behavior and competition strategy in digital era; development of industrial organization theory in digital economy, etc.

· Analysis and efficiency of industries:research on efficiency, productivity and technological advances in enterprises, organizations and industries, innovation efficiency in resources, energy, and environment, and medical area.

· Transportation Economics and Policy:Research on the relationship between transportation and national and regional economies; transportation and development of global industrial chain; overall transportation policy, etc.

· Industrial Policy, Government Regulation and Anti-monopoly:Transformation of Industrial policy and evaluation of corresponding results in the new era; government regulation theory and transformation; monopoly and anti-monopoly in the context of digital economy.


Subject Status

· The only national-level university logistics think tank and research base collaboratively developing with the National Development and Reform Commission- The only discipline nationwide qualified to confer doctoral degree of logistics

· Deputy chief units of the first Logistics Education and Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education and vice president unit of the first China Society of Logistics

· Key research base of humanities and social science among Tianjin universities and colleges

· Functioning as an important support for the Experimental Teaching Center of Nankai University

· Globally issued Report of China Logistics Development in 20 consecutive years

Subject Direction

· Logistics industry analysis and planning:focusing on logistics industry organization and policy, logistics efficiency under limited energy and environmental constraint, integrated development of logistics and manufacturing industry, global logistics value chain, regional logistics planning, logistics innovation in free trade ports, etc.

· Transportation Management:Focusing on legislation and strategy of comprehensive transportation, economic development strategy and planning of transportation hub, port and shipping planning and management, urban transportation economic theory and methods, etc.

· Supply chain management:focusing on supply chain enterprise competition and game, supply chain design and coordination, supply chain risk management, green logistics and supply chain management, “Internet Plus” supply chain management and optimization.

· Logistics system optimization:focusing on logistics time and space efficiency analysis and cost control, production and logistics operation management, transportation and inventory system optimization, port and aviation logistics system optimization, urban logistics and distribution optimization, and other areas.

· Big data and smart logistics:focusing on optimizing low-carbon and smart urban logistics in the context of digital economy, modeling and algorithm optimization of ultra-large scale logistics system, innovation on logistics management decision-making mode driven by big data, logistics big data integration and simulation of complex logistics system, etc.

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