Doctoral Programs

After more than 20 years of rapid development, CESD has established doctoral degree programs in three disciplines: 

regional economics, industrial economics and logistics.


The Master of Regional Economics program aims to cultivate students' ability to master the theoretical basis, research methods and application of regional economics.

Research Area

a. Regional economic theory

main research topics include theories and methods, including new trends at home and abroad, and analytical techniques and new methods for major practicalproblems in regional economics.

b. Regional economic development and policy

main research topics include major strategic issues in regional economic development, regional relationship coordination, development policies for specific regions, and policy analysis and effect evaluation.

c. Regional industrial analysis

main research topics include regional industrial organization, industrial selection, industrial structure and optimization, and regional industrial analysis theory and methods.

d. Spatial economic theory and application

main research topics include new developments in spatial economic theory, the application of spatial econometric analysis methods, big data and geographic information systems and other technical means of spatial economic research.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Academic Integrity and Writing Guidance for Postgraduates
Advanced Socialist Political Economics with Chinese Characteristics
Advanced Microeconomics (1)
Advanced Macroeconomics (1)
Advanced Econometrics (1)
Advanced Microeconomics (2)
Advanced Econometrics (2)
Advanced Macroeconomics (2)
Theis Presentation
Advanced Research on Taiwan Economy
Advanced Regional Economics
Advanced Spatial Economics
Regional Industrial Analysis
Regaional Policy and Planning
Economic Geography of Innovation
Issues on China Urban and Regional Economy