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Mi Zhou

Professor, Director of Research Center for China Urban and Regional Economy, Nankai University

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Fields: theory and policy of regional economy

Professor Mi Zhou was a visiting Scholar at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, recipient of Tianjin 131 Innovation Project Talent, council member of International Association of Regional Science, deputy secretary general of Urban Sub-Committee of China Association of Regional Science, executive director of Tianjin Society of Urban Economics and special researcher of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Research Office.

She has published 4 books and more than 80 papers in CSSCI journals, including 8 papers in top journals such as Economic Research, Management World, World Economy, China’s Industrial Economics, etc., and a number of papers have been reprinted by Xinhua Wenzhai, China Social Sciences Digest, Photocopy of the National People’s Congress, Academic Digest of Liberal Arts of Higher Educational Institutions and Theoretical References, etc.

She has led and participated over 60 national, provincial and ministerial level projects, including two research projects funded by National Social Science Fund of China, one project funded by Humanities and Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, and one major special project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. She was awarded the Third Prize of Excellent Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, the Outstanding Think Tank Achievement Award of China, the First Prize of Excellent Achievements in Social Sciences of Tianjin, the First Prize of Tianjin Excellent Consulting Achievements for Decision-making, the First Prize of Teaching Achievements of Tianjin, the First Prize of Outstanding Achievements of the United Front Work Department of Tianjin, and other awards.

Thesis monograph

Journal Papers

[1] Why Is Supply-side Structural Reform Inevitable? -- Economic Explanation for Chinese  Overcapacity, Economic Research Journal, 2017 (2)

[2] Research on Implementation Conditions and Dynamic Mechanism of Supply-side Structural Reform, Management World, 2018 (2)

[3] The Dominant Driving Force of Supply-side Structural Reform in the Era of Mobile Internet: Reflection of Traditional Industrial Economic Thinking, China Industrial Economics, 2018 (4)

[4] Research on the Evolution of Resource Allocation in Different Market Conditions-- How Should the Supply-side Be Changed in the Supply-side Structural Reform, China Review of Political Economy, 2018 (9)

[5] New Progress of Foreign Structural Reform Research and Its Implications, Economics Perspectives, 2018 (5)

[6] Patent Transfer, Spatial Network Characteristics and the Path Choice of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regional Collaborative Innovation, Studies in Science of Science, 2016 (11)

[7] Study on the Measurement and Spatial Coordination of the Regional Absorptive Capacities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Economic Geography, 2016(8)

[8] Regional Absorptive Capacities in China’s Major Cities on the Condition of Multi-provimities, Studies in Science of Science, 2017 (5)

[9] 70 Years Review of China's Regional Economic Development and Its Prospect, China Industrial Economics, 2019 (9)

[10] The Value Chain’s Spatial Reorganization and Upgrading Path on Late-coming Transformation Country, China Industrial Economics, 2013 (8)


[1] Theory of Spatial Diffusion of Technology. Nankai University Press, November 2010 edition (sole author)

[2] Study on China Regional Industrial Economy, China Renmin University Press, July 2020 (co-editor)

[3] Research on Regional Innovation Network and Industrial Development. Economic Science Press, September 2013 edition (co-author)

[4] Comparative Study on Modern Distribution of Pharmaceuticals of Cross-Strait. Nankai University Press, October 2015 edition (co-editor)

[5] Logistics Transportation Organization and Management. China Machine Press, 2006 edition (co-editor)

[1] "Research on the Path and Mode of Building an International Consumption City of Tianjin" sponsored by 2021 Tianjin Association for Science and Technology Project (completed with excellence)

[2] "Research on Supply-side Structural Reform" funded by 2020 National Social Science Foundation Late-stage Funding Program (20FJLB012)

[3] "Study on Tianjin's Economic Risk Resistance and Recovering Ability in Post-Epidemic Era", funded by 2020 Tianjin Municipal Philosophy and Social Science Planning Key Entrusted Project (TJZK20-02)

[4] “Research on Measures to Build a Closely Integrated Innovation System of Science and Technology, Education, Industry and Finance in the 14th Five-Year Plan", funded by 2020 Research on Major Issues of the National Science and Technology Innovation Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the 14th Five-Year Plan, " (GHZX2020SSWSH07)

[5] “Research on the Era Conditions and Implementation Mechanism of Supply-Side Structural Reform”, Asian Research Center of Korea Higher Education Group (KHEG) 2018 (AS1816)

[6] "Research on the Spatial Coordination of Regional Absorptive Capacities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area in the Context of Relieving Beijing of Functions Non-essential to its Role as China’s Capital" sponsored by 2015 National Social Science Foundation of China, (15BJL100)

[7] "Research on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance and Collaborative Innovation Countermeasures", funded by 2014 Tianjin Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Program, (14ZLZLZF00045)

[8] "Policy Research on Promoting the Construction of Government-Industry-University-Research Collaboration Network - Based on the Perspective of the Deep Integration of Innovation Chain, Industrial Chain and Technology Transfer Chain" funded by 2011 Tianjin Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Project (11ZLZLZT04000)

[9] "Study on the Path Choice of Economic Polarization, Regional Interaction and Coordinated Development in Non-Homogeneous Late-Developing Powers" funded by 2011 Humanities and Social Sciences Program of the Ministry of Education, (11YJC790307)

[10] "Policy Research on the Development and Opening of Binhai New Area and the Coordinated Development of Economic Regions--Constructing an Open Regional Coordination System with New Concept of Regional Coordination as the Framework"  funded by 2010 Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Program, (TJJL10-271)

[1] First Prize of Tianjin Graduate Student Teaching Achievements in 2022 (Collective)

[2] First Prize of Tianjin Theory and Policy Research Achievements of United Front Work, 2020

[3] Second Prize of Tianjin Theory and Policy Research Achievements of United Front Work, 2020

[4] Third Prize of the Eighth Excellent Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, 2019

[5] First Prize of Tianjin Sixteenth Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2019

[6] Third Prize of the Thirteenth Outstanding Research Achievements of Tianjin, 2019

[7] Academic Achievement Award of China Think Tank, 2018

[8] First Prize of Tianjin Excellent Consulting Achievements for Decision-making, 2016

[9] Second Prize of Tianjin Excellent Consulting Achievements for Decision-making, 2016