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Xiang Li

Professor, Vice Dean of Logistics Center

Office Hours:By Appointment

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Ph.D. in Control Theory and Control Engineering, Nankai University


Fields:Logistics and supply chain management

Xiang Li is currently a professor of the Logistics Research Center in the College of Economic and Social Development, Nankai University. His research areas include the method and application of operations research into logistics and production systems, supply chain management, and marketing & OM interface. He was selected as the national young top-notch talent of the "Ten Thousand Talents Program" in 2021. He was a visiting scholar at the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering, the University of Michigan, and at the Department of System Engineering & Engineering Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research appears in international journals, includingProductions and Operations Management, Decision Sciences, OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science, European Journal of Operational Research, and so on. He also serves as a referee for many international and domestic journals.

Thesis monograph

[1] Li Xiang, Li Yongjian, Cai Xiaoqiang, Shan Jun,``Service Channel Choice for the Supply Chain: Who is Better off by Undertaking the Service?”, Production and Operations Management, 25(3): 516-534, 2016 (SCI)

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[1] The Enterprise Operations Management and Supply Chain Coordination Considering Cause Marketing”; Principal Investigator; National Nature Science Foundation of China 71772095; 2021.1-2024.12

[2]“Optimization of O2O Supply Chain Considering Consumers’ Behavior”; Principal Investigator; National Nature Science Foundation of China 71772095; 2018.1-2021.12

[3]“Optimization of Closed-loop Supply Chain Considering Consumer and Enterprise Behaviors”; Principal Investigator; National Nature Science Foundation of China 71372002; 2014.1-2017.12

[4]“Modeling and Optimization of Closed-loop Supply Chain Considering Consumer Choice Behavior and Enterprise Risk Attitude”; Principal Investigator; National Nature Science Foundation of China 71002077; 2011.1-2013.12

[5]“Active Procurement Strategy and Supply Chain Coordination Scheme in Reverse Logistics”, Principal Investigator; the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, No. NKZXB1228, 2013.1-2015.12

[6]“Operation Management on the Reverse Logistics system of China Automobile Industry”, Principal Investigator; 2009 Humanities and Social Science Youth Foundation of Nankai University NKQ09000; 2009.7-2011.7

[7]“The Theory of Extended Producer Responsibility and its Application to the Practice in China”, Sub-Project Investigator, Key Project of National Social Science Foundation of China 13&ZD147, 2014.1-2018.12

[8]“Integration and Application of Farm-to-Supermarket Supply Chain System of Fruits and Vegetables”, Sub-Project Investigator, National Science & Technology Pillar Program in the 12th Five-year Plan Period; 2011.1-2014.12

[1]  The National Young Top-notch Talent of "Ten Thousand Talents Program", 2021

[2]  Tianjin 131 Innovative Talents, 2017

[3]  Nankai University's Hundred Young Discipline Leaders Program, 2017

[1]  Associate Editor of International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management

[2]  Guest Editor of Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review

[3] Guest Editor of Annals of Operational Research

[4] Executive Council Member in SSOM, BOM and other academic associations

Undergraduate courses taught

· Game theory

Postgraduate courses taught

· Operations Research

· Supply Chain Optimization

· Information Economics and Mechanism Design