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Gui Zhang is Professor of Economics at Nankai University College of Economic and Social Development. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Nankai University. Before coming to Nankai University in 2020, he has taught at Tianjin Normal University and Hebei University of Technology. His broad research interests are in regional policy, innovation ecosystem and regional industrial development. He has published over seventy articles and more than ten books, including Innovation Ecosystem: Theory and Practice, Innovation Driven and High-technology Industry development, etc. He wins a total of 4 National Social Science Foundation Projects, first prize of the 14th Tianjin Social Science Excellent Achievements, as well as other awards. In recent years, he has participated in several special consultation reports by members of the Central Political Bureau and leaders of Tianjin and Hebei. His more than 30 consulting reports have received high attention from members of the Central Political Bureau, Vice Premier of the State Council, and leaders of Hebei and Tianjin.

Thesis monograph


[1] Gui, Z., & Liqun, Z. (2005). Integrated Industry ls a New Trend of Evolvement of Organization Industry. China Industrial Economics, 7, 36-42

[2] Gui, Z., & Yongguan, Z. (2023). Does State-level New Area promote the growth of urban total factor productivity: Evidence from Quasi-natural Experiment. Nankai Economic Studies, 1,155-172

[3] Gui, Z., Chenchen, S., & Binglian, L. (2023). The Course, Achievements and Promoting Strategies of the Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regioeform, 1-15.

[4] Yubo, Z., Gui, Z., & Hong, W. (2022). ldeas, Characteristics and Evolution of Resilience of Digital Economy Industry Innovation Ecosystem. Soft Science, 11, 86-95.

[5] Gui, Z., Xing, J., & Ying, C. (2022). Theoretical Evolution and Hot Frontiers of Regional and Urban lnnovation Ecosystem, Economy and Management, 4, 36-45


[1] Innovation Ecosystem: Theory and Practice, Economy & Management Publishing House, 2018

[2] Innovation Driven and High-technology Industry development, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2014

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[4] Hebei Economic Geography, Economy & Management Publishing House, 2017

[5] Annual Report on Economic And Social Development In Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (2019), Social Sciences Academic Press, 2020

[1] Research on the Construction Mechanism and Path of Innovation Ecosystem in Xiong'an New Area, National Social Science Foundation Major Projects, 2018.11-2023.12

[2] Research on the Theory, Mechanism and Countermeasures of China's Industrial Innovation Ecosystem Based on the Transformation of Competitive Advantage, National Social Science Foundation Key Projects, 2014.8-2018.8

[3] Research on the Independent Innovation Model of China's High tech Industry, National Social Science Foundation Projects, 2010.7-2013.12

[4] Research on the Development of High tech Industries with Breakthrough Driving Effect on Economic Growth, National Social Science Foundation Projects, 2004.5-2007.9

[5] Ideas, Models, and Countermeasures for Promoting the Integrated Development of Industries in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, National Development and Reform Commission Regional Division Projects, 2020

[6] Theoretical Basis and Mechanism Analysis of the Innovation Ecosystem in Xiong'an New Area, Tianjin Social Science Foundation Entrusted Projects, 2019-2020

[7] Research on Innovation Driven, Green Development, and the Industrial Ecosystem of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Optimization of Tianjin Policies, Tianjin Education Commission Social Science Major Projects, 2018.10-2020.12

[1]“Innovation Driven and High-Tech Industry Development”, First Prize of the 14th Tianjin Social Science Excellent Achievements, 2016

[2]“Suggestions for the Development and Construction of Xiong'an New Area”, Second Prize of the 16th Hebei Social Science Excellent Achievements, 2018

[3] Transformation, Upgrade, and Innovation: A Systematic Study of New Industrialization with Chinese Characteristics, Second Prize of the 7th Higher Education Institutions Social Science Excellent Achievements, 2013

[1] Member of International Regional Studies Association

[2] Executive Director of National Institute of Economic Geography; Director of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development Professional Committee

[3] Executive Director of China Society of Industrial Economics; Deputy Director of Industrial Development Professional Committee

[4] Vice President and Secretary-General of Tianjin Economic Association

[5] Vice President of Tianjin Urban Economic Association

[6] Vice President of Hebei Macroeconomics Association

[7] Member of Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference Advisory Committee

Postgraduate courses taught

ü  Theory and Application of Regional Policy

Doctoral courses taught

ü  The Economic Geography of Innovation