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Weilin Liu

Professor, Vice-Dean of CESD

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Ph.D. in Economics, Nankai University


Fields:Global Value Chain, Total Productivity, Global production network, Digital Economy

Weilin Liu is a professor of College of Economic and Social Development, Nankai University. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Nankai University in 2007 and holds a bachelor's and master's degree in economics from Nankai University. His main research areas are global value chains, production networks, regional industry analysis and transport economics.

He hosted projects for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation and the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, and has undertaken more than 40 consulting projects for the government, enterprises and institutions. He has published more than 30 papers in top international journals such as Applied Economics, Review of Income and Wealth and Chinese journals such as and Economic Research, World Economy, China Industrial Economics, etc., with many reprinted by Xinhua Digest, China Social Science Digest, University Academic Digest and Renmin University photocopy materials. 

He concurrently serves as the Secretary-General of the Industrial Development Professional Committee of the Chinese Industrial Economics Association, China Industrial Economics, Empirical Economics, Structural Change and Anonymous reviewer for journals such as Economic Dynamics.

Thesis monograph


[1] Weilin Liu and Robin C. Sickles. Industry-specific productivity and spillovers through input-output linkages: Evidence from Asia-Pacific value chain. Review of Income and Wealth, 2023 (online)

[2] Weilin Liu and Qian Cheng. Global production network, technology spillover, and shock transmission. Applied Economics, 2021, Volume 53(60):7020-7036.

[3] Weilin Liu. Global production network and change of labor remuneration share under new pattern of development, Economic Research(in Chinese), 2022,(10): 86-102.

[4] Weilin Liu. Change of the Division Status of Labor Factor in Global Value Chain--A Perspective of Labor Reward Share and Embedding Depth. China Industrial Economics(in Chinese), 2021(01):76-94.

[5] Weilin Liu, Qian Cheng. Digital Industry Penetration, Global Production Network and Asymmetric Technology Spillover. China Industrial Economics(in Chinese), 2023(03):1-18.

[6] Weilin Liu. Measuring the lmpact of Sino-US Trade Frictions on Employment from the Perspective of Global Value Chain. Chinese Journal of Population Science, 2022(01):68-82. 

[7] Weilin Liu, Qian Cheng, and Robin C. Sickles. Productivity Growth and Spillover across European and American Industries: A Global Value Perspective Based on EU KLEMS . International Productivity Monitor, 2022, Vol 43(2), 86-109.

[8] Lanbing Li, Binglian Liu, Weilin Liu, YungHo Chiu. Efficiency Evaluation of the Regional High-Tech Industry in China: A New Framework Based on Meta-Frontier Dynamic DEA Analysis.Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 2017 (2).



[1] Weilin Liu. Research on the Performance and Upgrade Path of Embedding Regional Industry Global Value Chain , Economic Science Press(in Chinese), 2014.

[2] Weilin Liu. Research on the Evolution of the Supply System of Local Public Services and the Multi-center Collaborative Governance System, Nankai University Press(in Chinese), 2021.

[1] National Natural Science Foundation Project, Research on the Impact of Global Value Chain Embedding on Local Manufacturing Industry Performance Measurement and Improvement Path (71203105)

[2] National Social Science Fund Project, Research on the Evolution of Local Public Service Supply System and Multicenter Collaborative Governance System (17FJL006)

[3] Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Project, Research on the Diversified Supply and Governance Model of Local Public Services (12YJC790123)

[4] Project of the Asian Research Center of Nankai University, Power Sources, Transmission Mechanisms, and Upgrade Paths for the High Quality Development of China's Manufacturing Industry Chain under the New Development Pattern (AS2214)

[5] Tianjin Science and Technology Development Strategic Plan Project, Research on Countermeasures for Tianjin Aviation Industry to Embed the High End into the Global Industrial Chain (10ZLZF02300)

ü  Secretary General of the Industrial Development Professional Committee of the China Industrial Economics Society

Undergraduate courses taught

  • Logistics System Analysis

Postgraduate courses taught

  • Transport Economics

  • Urban and Regional Industry Analysis