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Yuhai Liu

Associate Professor,

Office Hours:Thursday, 15:00-17:00

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Ph.D. in Economics, Nankai University


Fields:Spatial Economics, Development Economics

Yuhai Liu is Associate Professor of Economics at Nankai University. He holds an undergraduate degree from Northeastern University in China and a Ph.D. from Nankai University. Before coming to Nankai University in 2019, he taught at Dalian University of Technology. Liu has worked in the areas of spatial economics, industrial organization, as well as development economics. He has published two books, including Research on the Spatial Spillover Effect of Transportation Infrastructure and Its Influence Mechanism, as well as over forty articles in important academic journals at home and abroad.

Thesis monograph

[1] Liu, H.Y., Liu, Y.H., and Yuan, P. (2016). Productivity Advantages in Cluster Regions: Agglomeration or Selection? China Economic Quarterly, 14(3), 1072-1091.

[2] Liu, Y.H., and Zhang, M.H. (2017). Trade Technological Content, Biased Technological Change and China’s Skill Structure of Employment. Journal of International Trade, 7, 74-88.

[3] Liu, Y.H., Liao, S.N., and Zhang, L. (2020). Tax Incentives and Domestic Value-added Rate of Exports. China Industrial Economics, 9, 99-118.

[4] Liu, Y.H., Zhao, P. and Zhang, L. (2022). Regulatory Independence and Bank Risk-taking:Evidence from the Rotation of BRAs' Directors in China. Nankai Economic Studies, 6, 126-147.

[5] Liu, Y.H., and Wu, P. (2012). Measuring Total-factor Utilization Efficiency of agricultural farmland in China and Its Influencing Factors Analysis. Journal of Financial Research, 7, 114-132.

[6] Liu, B.L., Wu, P., and Liu, Y.H. (2011). Transportation Infrastructure and the Increase in TFP in China: Spatial Econometric Analysis on Provincial Panel Data. China Industrial Economics, 5, 54-65.

[7] Liu, B.L., and Liu, Y.H. (2012). Transport Infrastructure and Inventory Costs Reduction of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises. China Industrial Economics, 5, 69-84.

[8] Liu, W.L., Li, L.B., and Liu, Y.H. (2014). The Impact of Global Value Chain Embeddedness on Technological Sophistication of China’s Export. China Industrial Economics, 5, 69-84.

[9] Wang, H.M, Liu, Y.H.*, Xiong, W, and Zhu, D.J. (2019). The Moderating Role of Governance Environment on the Relationship between Risk Allocation and Private Investment in the Public-Private Partnership arkets. International  Journal of Project Management, 37(1), 117-132.

[10] Wang, H.M, Liu, Y.H.*, Xiong, W, and Zhu, D.J. (2020). Government Support Programs and Private Investments in the Public-Private Partnership Markets. International Public Management Journal, 14(2), 1-26..

[1] Research on the Impact of Global Value Chain Embeddedness on the Technological Innovation Capability of Local Manufacturing Industry. Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Program, 2014

[2] Global Production Network, Local Industrial Clusters and Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading. PhD Foundation of the Ministry of Education, New Teacher Project, 2015

[3] Research on the Spatial Pattern, Evolutionary Mechanism and Economic Effect of Knowledge-intensive Service Industry Cluster. Liaoning Philosophy and Social Science Planning Foundation, General Project, 2016

[4] Research on Tianjin Industrial Chain Deep Integration and Regional Supporting Facilities Under the Background of Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Planning Foundation, Key Project, 2020

[5] Research on the Emission Reduction Effect and Productivity Effect of Carbon emission Regulation from the Perspective of Resource Reallocation. Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Planning Foundation, General Project, 2022

[6] Research on the Formation Mechanism and Economic Effect of Energy-biased Technology Progress under the Constraint of Dual-carbon Target. Liberal Arts Development Fund Project of Nankai University, 2022

  • Member of China Association for Regional Sciences

  • Member of The International Association for Regional Sciences

  • Member of China Society of Industrial Economics

Postgraduate courses taught

  • China's Regional Development from the Perspective of Political Economy

  • Natural Resource, Environmental Protection and Regional Development

  • Advanced Microeconomics (Dalian University of Technology)

Undergraduate courses taught

  • Principles of Economics (Dalian University of Technology)

  • The History of Economic Thought (Dalian University of Technology)

  • The History of Foreign Economies (Dalian University of Technology)