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Ran Wang

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Fields:Geospatial analysis, sustainable urban development and planning

Dr. Ran Wang is an Assistant Professor in the College of Economic and Social Development at Nankai University. She holds a Ph.D. in urban planning from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Wang’s research interest is sustainable urban development and planning using geospatial modeling and analysis; her cross-disciplinary research aims to transfer scientific findings into new knowledge to address socioeconomic needs, enhance policy-making and support evidence-based planning. Her research has been published in several journals with a high reputation in urban climate and urban planning. Dr. WANG’s work also gained international recognition from peers, with citations over 400 times to date.

Thesis monograph

Peer-reviewed journal papers and conference papers:

[1] Wang Ran*, Voogt James, Ren Chao, Ng Edward. (2022). Spatial-temporal variations of surface urban heat island: An application of local climate zone into large Chinese cities. Building and Environment, 109378.

[2] Chen Guangzhao, Shi Yuan, Wang Ran, Ren Chao*, Ng Edward, Fang Xiaoyi, Ren Zhihua. (2022). Integrating weather observations and local-climate-zone-based landscape patterns for regional hourly air temperature mapping using machine learning. Science of The Total Environment, 156737.

[3] Wang Ran, Cai Meng*, Ren Chao, Bechtel Benjamin, Xu Yong, Ng Edward. (2019). Detecting multi-temporal land cover change and land surface temperature in Pearl River Delta by adopting local climate zone. Urban Climate, 28, 100455.

[4] Wang Ran*, Ren Chao, Xu Yong, Lau Kevin Ka-Lun, Shi Yuan. (2018). Mapping the local climate zones of urban areas by GIS-based and WUDAPT methods: A case study of Hong Kong. Urban climate, 24, 567-576.

[5] Wang Ran*, Cai Meng, Ren Chao, Xu Yong, Shi Yuan, Lau Kevin Ka-Lun. (2018). Investigating Surface Heat Island in the Pearl River Delta Region and Its Relationship with the Local Land Cover Change from the 1990s to the 2010s. Paper presented at the 10th International Conference on Urban Climate (ICUC 10), New York.

[6] Wang Ran*, Ren Chao, Xu Yong, Ng Edward. (2017). Applying WUDAPT Product into the Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Land Use Change in the Pearl River Delta Region from 1988 to 2009. Proceedings of the 33rd PLEA International Conference, Edinburgh.


Cai Meng, Wang Ran*, Ren Chao, Ng Edward, Investigating the intra-urban urban heat island effect for two subtropical mega-urban regions in China by adopting local climate zone, in: Ansar Khan, Hashem Akbari, Francesco Fiorito, Sk Mithun, and Dev Niyogi (Eds.), Global Urban Heat Island Mitigation, Elsevier, Chapter 16, 2022.

[1] Worldwide Urban Data Bank on Physical Forms of Cities and Impact Studies of Urban Forms on Human Comfort, Health and Environment Well-being (Vice-Chancellor's One-off Discretionary Fund of The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 2015-2018

[2] A perspective (1960-2030) of Hong Kong's urban development and urban climate - a historical context for future actions (RGC-GRF 14611015), 2016-2018

[3] A study of “Local Climate Zone (LCZ)” of sub-tropical China’s Pearl River Delta (PRD) region by using The World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools (WUDAPT) method for better comfortable living and sustainable urban planning (RGC-GRF 14643816), 2017-2019

[4] Evaluation of heatwave-related health risk and its planning strategies in the high-density urban context, International Joint Research Laboratory of Ecological Urban Design Program, 2022-2024

[1] A Journal paper entitled “Mapping the local climate zones of urban areas by GIS-based and WUDAPT methods: A case study of Hong Kong” was recognized as “the most cited articles since 2017” published by Urban Climate, 2020

[2] Third prize, the 6th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, 2020

[3] Global Scholarship for Research Excellence for 2019-20 of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2019

[4] Poster Honorable Mention Awards at ICUC-10 / the 14th AMS Symposium on the Urban Environment for the paper titled "Evaluation of the uWRF performance in Hong Kong with UCPs derived based on WUDAPT/NUDAPT dataset and the guidance for implementation", 2018

[5] The Best “Living” Building Award, World Sustainable Built Environment (WSBE) Conference—International Youth Competition, 2017

[6] Postgraduate Scholarship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2016

Journal manuscript review

Urban Climate, Building and Environment, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Cities, Sustainable Cities and Society, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing


Research fellow, Institute of Future Cities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Geographic Information System (for postgraduate)

Application of big data in regional economics (for postgraduate)