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Ling Wang

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Fields:Logistics Management

Ling Wang is an associate professor at the Logistics Research Center of the Institute of Economic and Social Development of Nankai University. She holds an undergraduate and a graduate degree from Tianjin University and a PhD in business management from Nankai University. She has been a visiting scholar at the Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University from 2008 to 2009. Ling Wang has worked in the areas of logistics industry analysis, business logistics management, supply chain management, and regional logistics planning. In recent years, she has published several books including The Efficiency of China's Logistics Industry under the Constraints of Energy and Environment, Contemporary Logistics in China:Persistent Reformation, Continual Opening and Vibrant Innovation as well as more than 40 articles. More than 30 research reports have been completed on logistics industry development strategies, logistics industry planning, international shipping strategies and planning, international logistics center planning, logistics park planning, etc. She has obtained more than 20 awards. She is a member of the editorial board of the Transportation Journal and peer reviewer of several journals on logistics management.

Thesis monograph


[1] Wang L, Su S I, Ruamsook K. Analysis of the round-trip cost of road container transportation in China. Transportation Journal, 2011, 50(2):205-217

[2] Wang L, Meng H. A Comparative Study on Efficiency between Inland Ports and Sea Ports in China. Soft Science, 2013,27(3):90-95.

[3] Wang L, Meng H. The Growth of Environmental TPF of China’s Logistics Industry—An Empirical Analysis based on the MML Index. JOURNAL OF BEIJING INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(SOCIAL SCIENCES EDITION),2015,17(5):1-8

[4] Wang L. Empirical Study on the Technical Efficiency of China's Logistics Industry based on the Endogenization of Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission. Soft Science, 2015,29(10:):6-9

[5] Wang L,Liu W, Chen H, et al(2021). Network Status Evaluation and Promotion Countermeasures for China’s Transportation Service Trade under the Strategy of Country with Strong Transportation Network——From the Perspective of GVC. Soft Science,2021, 35(3):15-21



[1]  The Efficiency of China's Logistics Industry under the Constraints of  Energy and Environment,Nankai University Press,2020

[2] Contemporary Logistics in China:Persistent Reformation, Continual Opening and Vibrant Innovation,Springer,2020

[3] Report of China Logistics Development,Economic Press China,2019

[4] Comparative Study on Logistics Policies between Chinese Mainland and Taiwan,Nankai University Press,2015

[5] Study on the Co-opetition Relationship of Supply Chain Network Organizations, Economic Science Press,2009

[1] Evaluation and Improvement Path of Ecological Efficiency of China's Logistics Industry - Based on the Endogenous Perspective of Energy Consumption and Environmental Pollution, the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Planning Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, 2012

[2] Research on the Countermeasures for the Development of Beijing Tianjin Urbanization, Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Planning Fund,2015

[3] Efficiency Evaluation and Transformation Path of Green Growth in China's Logistics Industry under the Embedding of Global Value Chain, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Planning Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, 2018

[4] Research on Countermeasures for Accelerating the Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei in the New Development Stage, Tianjin Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Think Tank Project,2021

[1] Tianjin Excellent Instructor for Master Degree of Engineering,2019

[2] Second Prize for Excellent Decision Consulting Research of Think Tanks of Tianjin Higher Education Institutions, 2020

[3] First prize of excellent paper at the China Logistics Academic Annual Conference, 2020

[4] Second Prize of Graduate Teaching Achievement Award of Nankai University,2022

[1] Member of editorial review board of Transportation Journal

[2] Decision Consulting Expert of Tianjin Development and Reform Commission

[3] JD Logistics Enterprise Consultant

[4] Member of the Expert Consultation Group on the Revision of the Tianjin Port Master Plan

Undergraduate courses taught

  • Logistics Management

Postgraduate courses taught

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Advanced Logistics

  • Advanced Supply Chain Management

  • Regional Logistics Planning

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Cases

  • Academic Norms and Thesis Writing Guidance for Graduate Students